“Instead, strive for his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.”

It’s all about focus. There are so many things we want and need in this life. But this promise from Jesus, helps us prioritize. If we seek first the Kingdom of God, everything else will be given to us as well. When you put the things of God first in your life it’s amazing how everything else finds its proper place. I’ve noticed then when I tithe I don’t stress as much about my finances as when I don’t tithe. I don’t think that’s because I have fewer bills or more money, but rather because my heart is right. It’s the same when I am diligent in prayer, or serving, or loving others. The rest of life comes into a kind of focus that allows me to weather the ups and downs better. Striving for God’s kingdom first produces a kind of contentment and peace in our souls. That peace helps us see clearly how God has provided and trust in God when things get hard. May God guide us this week to strive for his kingdom!
-Pastor Travis

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