One last night…

One last night…
March 6, 2020
In April we hope to begin renovations on the Peel House, which means it will be out of commission for a period of time before the newly refurbished space is open. Over the years our youth have had lots of fun playing in the Peel House, it is a great space for dance parties, playing games, (sneaking on the roof over the porch when they think no one is watching) and playing sardines. Sardines, might be the most favorite activity of the youth in the Peel House. The game is a take on Hide & Seek where one person hides and then everyone else has to find them and hide with them! As you can imagine the house has tons of great spaces to hide!

So, to honor these long-held youth group traditions we are having a Senior High LOCK-IN, on March 6-7. It will be one more chance to play games in the Peel House and then to spend the night in the house! All 9th-12th graders are invited and as always friends are welcome! We can’t wait to play games, watch movies, and tell stories of all the fun we’ve had together in the Peel House!

We will begin the evening with an Iron Chef competition! The event will include recipe planning, budgeting, shopping, cooking, and finally eating. We are excited to have some “celebrity” judges come for that part of the evening! Then we will move to the Peel House for a fun night together, games, movies, fellowship and snacks. In the morning we will have a great big breakfast at 9 am and send everyone home at 10! We look forward to seeing everyone!

Ready to sign up? Click here: https://flccs.net/ministries/peel-house-lock-in

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