Working From Home

Working from home is definitely a new experience. I hardly ever sit at my piano at home and now I am playing through choir anthems! I feel like it keeps me in touch with the choir and worship. I told the choir I would send out the words each week for the anthem we would have been singing in worship in hopes it would keep us all connected.

I am also learning more than I want to know about technology such as being in a zoom meeting or communicating with staff on Microsoft teams. They say as you get older you should keep learning new things. I can check that box! Actually I am very thankful for technology. It gives us a way to be together in our separation.

Praying for all of you during this time as we wait for the day when we will be joining our voices in song in worship.

-Deacon Joan

2 thoughts on “Working From Home

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  1. Hooray! I downloaded the Zoom cloud meeting app. I am going to explore how to set it up for our E’s group. Any tips from our now “techie” guru.

    I have been playing a Jim Nabors CD of religious hymns. I miss the First Lutheran musicians.


  2. Joan, maybe you are already planning to do this. Could we sing a hymn together at home during the televised service? You could put up the words and you or Eric could play. Karaoke style? Or play the anthem as recorded by the choir in years past. There have got to be a lot of those old recordings around. I still have some of the old cassette tapes. Ha


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