“Mortal, can these bones live?” I answered, “O Lord God, you know.” -Ezekiel 37: 3

This story of the dry bones begins with the Lord bringing a man out to sit amidst the dry bones and asking him if the dry bones can live. The man tells him “O Lord God, you know.” I think this parallels our own faith in so many ways. We are called to listen to the Lord, for he knows. When we are listening to the Lord he works in us, his breath enters into us and we know that he is the Lord. Sometimes our faith can feel like dry bones, scattered and piled high, sunk down in the bottom of a valley, lifeless. God sees those dry bones and encourages us to hear us words, to trust in him and that just as the dry bones were restored, so will be our faith. I like this story because it is filled with hope, that God brings new life, both to our dry bones, when they are weary and scattered and at the end of the passage reminding us that he brings new life from the grave. We continue to live in the promise of hope in the resurrection knowing that it is God who breathes new life into us so we may believe that he is the Lord.

-Pastor Carrie

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