Prayer Practice Fridays – April 10, 2020


“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
-Matthew 27:46

This is the verse in the bible that always strikes me as the saddest. I find that it makes me tremble. This lament coming from Jesus on the cross is one that brings me both fear and hope, knowing that Jesus will be killed, but that is not the end of the story. Lament does not mean that our faith is weak, but that we can express darkness live into our feelings and know that our relationships are strong enough to withstand the lament. This was Jesus relationship with God, and is ours all the same.

So much of scripture includes lament, a third of more of the Psalms, a whole chapter named Lamentations, and so many more places scattered throughout. Our scripture gives us prayers of lamentation, prayers for help coming out of pain. Laments turn toward God when sorrow tempts us to run from him.

On this Good Friday, I urge you to do as Jesus did and take up your lament with God. It is healthy to share wounds and hurt that you cannot carry on your own and to ask for help. God can handle the laments that we voice, he is our listener, our healer and our hope. So today we turn to God, we voice our complaint, we ask for help, and we trust.

-Pastor Carrie

Thanks to First Lutheran member Lisa Christopherson for the beautiful artwork!

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