Family Reflection

The empty nest is full again…

During this time of stay at home orders most colleges and universities across the country have closed their doors and sent kids home to finish the academic year online. This also means that many parents who were just experiencing an empty nest are now finding ways to all come together again. I know this time can present challenges in everyone being together again, and all the time at that, but it can also bring joy.

I want to share with you an email exchange I had with Chris Lieber last week, after asking how they were adjusting to having two college kids at home again, I hope that you find the same joy in this that I did!

Chris writes:

“Once the kids left for college I never expected to have this kind of quality time with them ever again. It is as if we are a renewed family – fulfilling an empty void that I had unsuccessfully sought to fill over the past several years by working harder, volunteering harder, and playing harder.

Yes, we are wonderfully in each other’s way in the kitchen. We collectively use far more data and band width than our modem can handle. It seems the washing machine is always running. Our topics of conversation at the dinner table have now pivoted to hair color, fresh video game downloads and challenges with online classes. The dishes pile up much faster and the grocery bill has grown exponentially. I am convinced that the messiness and imperfections of family life are one of God’s greatest gifts – they can bind us together through laughter and sweat equity.

I love being a family again! Having “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” back in the nest is a tremendous blessing.”

May we all find the joy amidst the chaos!

Easter Blessings,
Pastor Carrie

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  1. I loved this! I can just see Chris, Vicki, Lidia and Evan laughing and sharing their moments. And I can see both Vicki and Chris cherishing this time and valuing it for everything it is…..Special! It also makes me reflect on all the special moments that our family has together. – Thank you!


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