How do we open our eyes to the faith that abounds all around us? In times that seem dark and perhaps even hopeless who is walking alongside of you, perhaps unseen, yet holding the story of Christ who is for us. The disciples on the road to Emmaus didn’t know that it was Christ who joined them on their walk. They had just heard earlier in the day that the tomb of Jesus was empty and they weren’t sure what that even meant. Where was Jesus, what about all that he had told them before he was crucified, perhaps this afternoon walk wasn’t as joyful or hopeful as we might imagine. It seems they lived into the uncertainty of the empty tomb before they lived in the joy and hope of the resurrection. So as this man journeyed with them and heard there story, he offered stories of his own. He must have exuded quiet confidence that they were uncertain of as he reminded them of the story of the prophets and offered interpretations on the life of Jesus. Didn’t they wonder who this man, that knew so much about Jesus was? Did his sharing of the stories bring them comfort in all they remembered about their friend, or were they sad not knowing what the future would hold. They would find their reassurance as they stopped for the night and broke bread together. It was in the breaking of bread that they would recognize Jesus, where they would realize it was not just an empty tomb, but that Christ lives!

I’m wondering what our Emmaus stories are today? While we are walking into the unknown who is walking alongside of you and what is the good news being shared? How is the good news being revealed to you, are you finding it in the scripture, in the kindness of others, in unexpected ways that are being revealed new to us each day? Our faith remains steadfast in the promise of the resurrection yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Easter Blessings!

-Pastor Carrie

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