This Week’s Important Links

Adult Education
Sunday Morning Adult Seminar
10:30 am on Sunday’s via Zoom
Meeting ID: 843 6443 9242

A Place to Talk
Thursday’s at 10 am via Zoom

Youth Ministry
Preschool at 11 am Sunday afternoons:
Meeting ID: 811 1672 9866
Passcode: 648418

Kindergarten & 1st Grade at 7 pm Monday nights:
Meeting ID: 749 5225 6652
Passcode: 1zzSMZ

2nd & 3rd Grade at 7 pm Saturday nights:
Meeting ID: 779 314 033
Passcode: 352022

4th Grade & 5th Grade at 7 pm Tuesday nights:
Meeting ID: 488 852 972
Passcode: 831307

Minecraft Game Nights (3rd-5th grade):
2nd and 4th Thursdays, 6-7 pm
Meeting ID: 838 5358 0963

Minecraft Game Nights (6th-8th grade):
2nd and 4th Thursdays, 7-8 pm
Meeting ID: 838 5358 0963

Post-Confirmation High School Small Groups

Are you missing the small group that you went through confirmation with? Are you interested in getting back together once a week for some time to chat and re-connect? Wednesday night LIGHT, our new 7 pm worship service on the lawn, features large group breakouts after worship. We want to create a group that is just for you, 10th-12th graders. If you are interested, please let Michaela know. Click here to email her!

LFSRM Innkeeper & Mosaic Virtual Fundraiser Events

This year, both the Lutheran Family Service Inn-keeper Dinner and MOSAIC Breakfast have had to make some changes for their annual fund-raiser events. Both events will be a Virtual Event/Zoom Webinars. Lutheran Family Services Innkeeper event is Friday, October 23, from 7 – 8 pm, and MOSAIC’s event is Tuesday, October 13, from 9 -9:30 am.

These agencies have a long and special history with First Lutheran Church and are included in our annual budget. Each of their goals is to raise unrestricted funds to serve the people they support and to share their story and raise awareness about their mission with the community. MOSAIC serves many with intellectual and mental disabilities in the Colorado Springs area. Lutheran Family Services has a strong commitment to serve with their programs of adoption, disaster response, foster care, family support, refugees and much more.

Each of these agencies is holding their fundraiser in October. MOSAIC is a free virtual event and Lutheran Family Services is hosting a Patron Ticket for $25.00. (More information will be sent you for the ZOOM sign in at a later date.) We would love for you to join First Lutheran in one or both events to learn more about the organizations. These are fundraising events and we encourage you to give as you feel led.

Please contact Marcia Foret, Director of Lay Ministries for more information at or by calling the church at 719.632.8836. Also, you can sign up here.

Rally Day on the Lawn

Sunday School officially kicks off on Sunday, September 13th! We will be offering in-person and drive-by options to kick this church year off with a celebration! This year’s Sunday School theme is Love Your Neighbor, so let’s start our year with loving each other responsibly with proper social distanced events and mask wearing.

During the 10 am worship watch party we will have carnival-themed games and activities on the lawn. We will also offer an in-person Children’s Message and an extra special blessing for our children as they start this new church year.

We request that you bring a donation for Family Promise. Family Promise is a program for homeless families. Right now they need children’s clothing (new) and school supplies, but you could also just bring a few spare coins. In exchange for this goodwill offering, the children will receive tickets for our carnival games on the lawn.

For our drive-by offering, our pastors as well as Michaela, Shelly, and Linda will be hanging out in the back parking lot from 11 am-12 pm to accept donations to Family Promise, provide each car with a blessing for the school year, and deliver a goody bag that will help the children get excited about our online Sunday school offerings this year. This drive-by gathering will be the beginning of a new tradition this year as we seek to maintain person-to-person contact with our families amidst this pandemic. Students that attend in person worship on Rally Day will also receive these activity bags upon leaving.

Christian Caregiving

We have now just passed 5 months since we have started living in ways that are meant to slow a pandemic. We have stayed at home, we have worn masks, we have stayed at least 6 feet apart from people that we don’t live with. If someone had told me a year ago that this is 2020 would look like, I most certainly would not have believed them. what

As we lean into the Fall of this strange year we’ll be looking at ways we can reach out to continue caring for one another in the midst of a pandemic. Our Christian Caregivers program has long been one that includes visiting the homebound and hospitalized, writing notes, and making calls. In this time the pastors and caregivers have not been able to make visits to homes or hospitals, this has been hard for all involved as people do indeed crave community and contact. We are currently exploring the possibility of “front porch visits” for our homebound members, continuing with calls and notes, and gathering together online.

If you would like to learn more about ways that you can stay connected to our congregation through different ways of offering care we will be having a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, September 8, from 7 – 8 pm. For more information and the Zoom link please send an email to Pastor Carrie at

“If another member of the church sins against you, go and point out the fault when the two of you are alone.”
Matthew 18:15

My first thought is how much I hate it when someone points out my faults! I hate making mistakes, especially when those mistakes hurt or offend someone else. I get embarrassed and angry with myself, and I vow to change. When we really mess up and someone calls us on it, we all respond differently depending on the situation and the relationship with the person who pointed it out. What’s your reflexive response? Do you get defensive and try to show how it really wasn’t wrong what you did? Do you get evasive and seek ways to get out of the conversation or change the subject? Do you go on the attack and name all the ways your accuser has messed up? Do you admit your mistake, apologize, and try to do better? Every week in worship we confess our sins and ask for forgiveness. One goal of that weekly ritual is to make us ready to do the same when we sin against one another.

-Pastor Travis

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