“Go therefore into the main streets, and invite everyone you find to the wedding banquet” Matthew 22:9

Think about how much Jesus has upended the world and challenged all of our thinking. When we throw parties we almost never invite people we don’t know. But Jesus says the party God wants to throw is meant for everyone. The parable even says that both the good and the bad are invited. I can’t think of many events in this world where the guest list is that wide open. Often we cull the list by only inviting those who can afford the ticket to the event. Or we only invite members and their guests. Or we limit the list by limiting the number of people who can attend and shutting the doors once we are full. It’s easy to see why some think heaven is like some exclusive club that only a few will ever see. But Jesus pushes against all of that kind of exclusive thinking by issuing an invitation to everyone. The church must strive to live up to his example.

-Pastor Travis

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