“They are now justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” Romans 3:24

It’s reformation Sunday this week. Some might call it Lutheran homecoming week. While we share this belief in God’s grace with all Christians we claim to hold it more fervently and close to our hearts. The idea that we are justified by grace as a gift contains the whole of our faith. To be justified is to be righteous before God, without fault or blame. To be justified is to be able to stand before God without sin. It is to belong in heaven. But all of us have sinned and don’t deserve to be in God’s presence. We have nothing of our own to offer or make us worthy. Regardless, we get to be with the Father. Jesus dies on the cross and is raised from the dead and so we get to go to heaven. The gift is given freely to us although at great cost to Jesus. How could that ever make sense. It doesn’t. Grace doesn’t make sense, but it is real and it is for you. Thanks be to God!

-Pastor Travis

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