The Saint John’s Bible: Prophets

This week we travel through the Prophetic Books of the Bible, looking at the hopeful visions of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel and the call to action from Amos. These books are particularly profound when we consider the way that prophecies speak throughout the centuries, foretelling of the one who was to come and suffer for us all, Jesus Christ our Suffering Servant, as well as the ways we are to seek social justice in our world today. The artists took particular attention to draw a simultaneous link between the historical and the contemporary, to show us the way that these prophecies still hold value for us today. Join me this week for another exploration of the intertwining of theology and art in The Saint John’s Bible.

All are welcome to join this Zoom gathering so invite your friends! No prior knowledge of the biblical stories or The Saint John’s Bible is necessary. If you enjoy art, please join us!

Join our Zoom Meeting, 10:30 a.m. Sunday Morning
Meeting ID: 843 6443 9242

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