“Comfort, O comfort my people, says your God” 
-Isaiah 40: 1 

This first verse of the fortieth chapter of Isaiah strikes a dramatic change in tone from the previous chapters.  It changes the tone from one of despair, destruction, and predictions of judgement to Isaiah proclaiming comfort is upon us with a message of hope, joy, and light breaking in.  The prophet sets out to reestablish faith in God.  How many of us need to reestablish our faith in God?  Now in the beginning of this new church year, perhaps it’s a good time to examine our faith, to live in hope with the promise that God brings us comfort, and that when we understand the “word of our God will stand forever” we can take comfort knowing that God is always for us.  So, in this season of Advent we turn the corner on a new year and wait expectantly for the Word made flesh who will dwell among us yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

Things to ponder: 
What might bring you comfort in these days?  
What helps you to reestablish or stay alive in your faith? 
Where might you bring comfort to others in this new church year? 

-Pastor Carrie

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