Peel House Progress – January 23, 2021

Earlier this month all the bricks were pulled up near the alley of the Peel House. No one knew that there was 8 inches of concrete under those bricks! Also the footings for the original brick fence! That is being dug up so we can relocate the electric.
A view of the alley/ elevator area from the church.
Another roof view of the elevator!
Inside, walls are bring patched and sanded.
Remember this post? Well the wall has been repaired and put back together!
Another view. Soon the wall will be caulked, sanded and painted!
Upstairs in the attic, a doorway was created to connect the elevator to the upper rooms.

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  1. Luther League and Sunday School used the attic up to the early 90’s when lightening struck the house. The old wooden fire escape was subsequently removed and regular use of the attic area ended. I had the unusual experience of being a TV reporter covering the fire and a former member of church council. As I was putting away my TV camera I heard the Gazette religion reporter ask Pastor Peel if there was a message from God to be gleaned from lightning striking the church. Oh yes, Peel explained, God wants to us to
    make sure our fire insurance is paid up. Ours was.


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