“Then the fever left her, and she began to serve them.” 
-Mark 1: 31b 

Any meaningful encounter with Jesus results in us being changed.  Transformation happens when we are open to the life that Jesus gives, not only to us, but through us for others as well. It alters how we see our relationships in the world and in how we care for those relationships in a world that isn’t always kind.   

Peter’s mother had a fever, Jesus came and lifted the fever from her.  Upon her healing she got up and began to serve them, the Greek word used for serving was diakonia. We understand diakonia as a call to serve the world around us, for the sake of the gospel.  She was transformed by Christ and it led her to serve.  She was freed from herself, so that she might serve others first.  Where might we find that to be our call too? 

And remember our old friend Martin Luther who said, “Christians are perfectly free, subject to none, and dutiful servants subject to all.  Where do you find yourself living in diakonia today?

-Pastor Carrie

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