Pastor Travis Norton

“Take up your cross, deny yourself, follow me”

Those are not easy tasks. The cross isn’t about a personal burden or hardship. Taking up your cross means sacrificing for the sake of Jesus and the gospel. It might mean putting your reputation on the line or speaking out on behalf of someone unpopular who is hurting. It might mean tithing and living on less of your income because you support the work of the gospel through the church. Deny yourself is self-explanatory, but it does not make it easy. It goes against every message our culture says to us. What does it mean to live a life where you do not put your needs and wants, hopes, and dreams at the center? Follow Jesus. Jesus went against the grain, cared for those in need, was crucified by the powers in this world. But then he was raised. That is our path, fellow Christians. May God gives us the strength to walk it

-Pastor Travis

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