“Then a cloud overshadowed them, and from the cloud there came a voice, “This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him!”
Mark 9:7

Transfiguration Sunday is this week. I’m always a bit sad by that because it means the lull between Christmas and Lent is over and I have to gear back up for a fuller schedule. But beyond my whining, I like this story of Jesus on the mountain talking with Elijah and Moses. I have all sorts of wonderings here. What did they talk about? What was the mood like, were they excited, nervous, geared up? How bright were their clothes exactly? Will we be transfigured in heaven? But for all my questions the key point here I think is what happens when God speaks to Peter, James and John. This is my Son, listen to him. Like Peter we all stick our feet in our mouths from time to time, usually with good intentions, just trying to help. But what is important is simply to shut our mouths and listen to our Lord. I’ll stop there.

-Pastor Travis

Peel House Progress – February 6, 2021

Most of the work this week was done outside. Here is the set up for the elevator shaft and the room around it.
A view from above!
Digging was done to move the water pipes.
Another view of the trench
More digging. You can see all the pretty new windows!
After removing all the bricks, they had to bring in some support for the steps.

Rainbow Trail Summer Camps for Summer 2021

It’s time to register for Summer Camp!! As we look toward the end of this pandemic, there is plenty of hope that we will be able to have a fun and safe summer with some of our old traditions back again. Please notice the dates below for the upcoming summer camps at Rainbow Trail and the link to register for these camps.
Intro to Camp (2-3 grade)
                June 20-23
                June 23-26
                August 1-4
Juniors (4-6 grade)
                June 20-26
                August 1-7
Junior High (7-8 grade)
                June 13-19
                August 1-7
Confirmation Camp** (6-8 grade)
                June 27-July 3
Senior High (9-12 grade)
                July 11-17
                July 25-31
Register Here! https://rtlc.campbrainregistration.com
Some of these dates might already have a waitlist.
Scholarships are available to those that need them. Please reach out to Michaela Eskew at michaela@flccs.net.
**Confirmation Camp is now a part of the confirmation curriculum for entering 8th graders and 2nd year 9th grade confirmands.

Epiphany greetings, friends!

Mark and Cynthia in Tanzania

We write, deep into the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year. Our classes are humming along and other projects are progressing as well. We write here of two: an Intensive Student Reading Group on Race and Christian Theology, and an experiment in training for congregations in Mission Engagement.


In mid-2020 when we were still in the US and watching the news of protests and movement in race relations, we started discussing how university students were engaging—and sometimes initiating—national and international conversations about race. This led to dialogue with Cynthia’s brother R. Ward Holder, who teaches at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, and to two grant applications to develop a joint student learning initiative on Race and Christian Theology, bringing students from Saint Anselm’s and Makumira together in learning about key African and African American thought about race and theology—a combining of topics…

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“Then the fever left her, and she began to serve them.” 
-Mark 1: 31b 

Any meaningful encounter with Jesus results in us being changed.  Transformation happens when we are open to the life that Jesus gives, not only to us, but through us for others as well. It alters how we see our relationships in the world and in how we care for those relationships in a world that isn’t always kind.   

Peter’s mother had a fever, Jesus came and lifted the fever from her.  Upon her healing she got up and began to serve them, the Greek word used for serving was diakonia. We understand diakonia as a call to serve the world around us, for the sake of the gospel.  She was transformed by Christ and it led her to serve.  She was freed from herself, so that she might serve others first.  Where might we find that to be our call too? 

And remember our old friend Martin Luther who said, “Christians are perfectly free, subject to none, and dutiful servants subject to all.  Where do you find yourself living in diakonia today?

-Pastor Carrie

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