Adult Seminar for March 7th – Paper Cut-Outs

We have been having such a great time working with our hands in our creative Lenten Series: Created and Creating! This week we are doing paper cut-outs, like the famed artist Henri Matisse. It doesn’t require any artistic talent, just some paper (colored is better, but white still works!) and scissors. So when you join us on zoom, bring paper and scissors. Introduction to the art practice will be recorded and placed on the website for those who miss the event.


Created and Creating: A Lenten Journey through Artistic Spiritual Practices

You are created in the image of a creator! That means that you have the innate gift to create. Whether you know these talents already or you are just an admirer of other’s beautiful creations, I encourage you to join us this Lenten period to try out some creative spiritual practices. In our very first session, February 21st at 10:30am MST, we will be using this sand mandala kit. You can find us on the following zoom ID: 843 6443 9242.

Whether you feel comfortable to join us via zoom or not, I encourage you to explore the following spiritual practices this Lenten season.

March 7th – Paper Cut-Outs

March 14th – Creative Writing

March 21st – Clay modeling with Jazz accompaniment

March 28th – Lutheran Rosary

Although most of these classes use materials that you will have in your home, the final two classes do require extra materials (clay, beads, string). If you would like to be provided with these materials before the zoom classes on March 21st and 28th please email Michaela Eskew at

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