Pastor Travis Norton

“For God so loved the world” -Jesus

It is a simple statement, but I’m not sure we believe it. Do we really believe that everyone in this world is loved by God? Do we really believe that the world as a whole is loved by God? What do we think that means? What is love? God desires good things for the world. God protects the world. God cherishes the world. God has good feelings about the world. God has high hopes for the world. God gives good gifts to the world. God wants to spend time with the world. How would you define love? Now go back through the definition and add your name to all the ways God loves you. When you have finished that exercise go through and put the name of your enemy in place of the world. when we do those two things and work to believe them, we are getting close to what it means to say God so loved the world.

-Pastor Travis

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