Jesus often found himself immersed in dying, death, and resurrection. I do wonder what was going through his mind as he entered into Jerusalem during that festival week.  He was greeted by cheers and cloaks thrown down for him to ride over as the people welcomed him. This of course would be short-lived, the cheers would become jeers as the week went on.  Surely Jesus must have spent time reflecting on a life well lived.  From growing up in Nazareth, doing carpentry projects with his dad, playing with his cousin John, teaching in the temple, performing countless miracles, welcoming children, befriending those that others dared to even look at let alone dine with, and now he was entering town with a title he didn’t ask for but knew would carry deathly consequence.  So, what was Jesus hoping for in his last week? Was he able to reflect on all the connections and relationships in his life?  Did he know that some 2000 years later we would still be learning the way from him and bringing others to know him too?  I invite you to reflect this week on the connections you’ve made and lives you’ve touched.  What mark do you hope to leave in this kingdom of God? 

-Pastor Carrie

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