Pastor Travis Norton

They finally dislodged the stuck ship from the Suez Canal. 9 Billion dollars of trade had been lost each day for the week it was stuck. Everything got backed up, people had to make hard decisions about going around Africa or waiting it out, each decision fraught with expense. But now it’s free and the canal is open again and things are flowing. A friend of mine pointed out that this is like Easter. Our lives, our flow got disrupted when death blocked our path to God. But Jesus dislodged the rock from the tomb and got life flowing again. Easter is about hope. That which is stuck will be dislodged. That which blocks our path will be removed. The grief, the sorrow, the despair will all give way to rejoicing and joy. I think this year that message is harder to hear and more needed than many years before. Life is returning!

-Pastor Travis

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