“Receive the Holy Spirit”
-John 20: 22

When are you most open to new things? Is there ever a time that change isn’t scary?

The disciples knew that the world would never go back to what it had once been. That Jesus who was with them, who they trusted, who was their teacher was gone. But, here in this place, in this locked room they were challenged by Jesus with them again. They likely weren’t quite sure what to do with that, what to believe and what that would mean for their future. I wonder how many felt relief with a heavy sigh, that Jesus is back, things can go back to normal now. But that wasn’t the message that Jesus would bring. Things would never go back to normal. The world would be different and the role of the disciples in the world would be different. They would now have to go and share the good news, they would have to go and make disciples, they would have to share that Jesus is with us always. They could no longer walk behind Jesus and play a supporting role they were going to have to do the work. So just as Jesus had now called them to go forth he breathed on them and said “Receive the Holy Spirit.” The gift of the Spirit is upon us, friends. How will we go forth in a world that will never be the same tomorrow as it is today and share the good news?

-Pastor Carrie

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