“While in their joy they were disbelieving and still wondering, he said to them,
‘Have you anything here to eat?’”
-Luke 24: 41

When I’m teaching first communion seminar one of the key things that we teach is about the real presence of Christ. Trying to explain that the bread and wine are not actually flesh and blood but are the real presence of Christ for us, can get a little tricky sometimes. But they seem to understand that the table of Christ brings us together, it makes us one in the community (communion) of Jesus. It is amazing how life giving it is to gather around a table in community with others.

In the gospel for this week, Jesus shows up to the disciples again. He greets them, has a brief conversation with them, assuring them that it is really him. That he has come back to be with them and assuring them of their mission. He asks if they have anything to eat. They give him broiled fish, and I suspect in the eating of that fish, it is evident that he is indeed with them in flesh and bone. It’s in this exchange I’m assured that Jesus intended for us to come together in his meal knowing that he is always with us, that he is really real, and we can experience it in the bread and wine he gives for us. So, as we teach to those who are preparing to receive communion, Christ is in, with, and under the bread and wine we receive. Just as he is with us always, really real.-Pastor Carrie

-Pastor Carrie

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