Pastor Travis Norton

“I am the Good Shepherd’”

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about what it means to be in Jesus’ flock, under His leadership. We exist in lots of communities in our lives, under lots of different leaders. We debate and usually complain about our leaders, especially our political ones. We have leaders that we really respect and admire. I know I’ve been particularly impressed by my children’s school’s leaders, especially the principal, this past year. We have bosses that may help us flourish or give us headaches. We have church leaders too who work hard on our behalf. A a church leader myself I know how easy it is to disappoint people which I hear about weekly, but I’m the recipient of weekly appreciation as well. All of the other leaders in our life our imperfect and not that different than ourselves. But Jesus says He is the Good Shepherd and we are his flock. He knows us and loves us and lays down his life to protect us. While other leaders may fail, disappoint, abandon or even betray us, Jesus won’t. How can we fully appreciate the gift of being under His care? How can we imitate His leadership?

-Pastor Travis

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