Wednesday Night LIGHT

The sun is setting and the wind is bringing in a cool summer breeze. Around you are the noises of preschoolers gathering pine cones and teenagers whispering about their week. People are dressed in sweatshirts and jeans, sometimes even the pastor, and it’s not uncommon to see a youth arrive in their soccer uniform straight from practice. The lights twinkle above you as the beautiful contemplative music brings you to focus on worship. All ages of the Body of Christ surround you as you settle into Wednesday Night LIGHT (Living Into God’s Holy Truth). 

Our new mid-week service began as a way to provide an outdoor worship experience in the midst of a pandemic and a short but meaningful service for our young confirmation students, but it has since become a special atmosphere all its own. Our Wednesday Night LIGHT Service is casual and welcoming, literally a beacon of light to the community that drives and walks by. It has become an inter-generational service where all ages are able to enjoy faith in a different way than the average Sunday morning service.

The service itself is only thirty to forty minutes long complete with violin and piano-led music and contemporary liturgy. After the service, we are offering a special small group for young adults led by Michaela Eskew, the Minister of Faith Formation and our two pastors. The intention of this small group is to foster community and allow for open and honest conversation about living our faith in an ever-changing world.

It truly is a unique worship experience and we hope you all will try it at least once this Summer!

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