“Jesus was amazed at their lack of faith” Mark 6:6

I’ve been thinking a lot about what faith is for. In Mark’s gospel Jesus commends people for their faith saying ‘your faith has healed you.’ But he’s also amazed at the lack of faith, like in this Sunday’s story about his visit home. In that case he doesn’t do many miracles because they lack faith. Yet in many other healings and miracles there is no mention of faith at all. So it’s not like Jesus requires faith for Him to do good things for people. What’s going on? I think there’s something about being open to the work Jesus would do in your life. If we are indifferent or closed off then we are less likely to experience the good work He would do. If instead we are open and expectant, we are much more likely to experience God’s work in our lives. But isn’t that the case with most things? Yes, I think it is.

-Pastor Travis

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