VBS 2021 – That’s a Wrap!

This year Vacation Bible School (VBS) was done completely different, and it was SO much fun. First, this was done at night, so we had dinner and live entertainment. You ate with your family, while meeting new families! After dinner was over, the kids broke out into groups. The older kids got to pick an elective (tech/photography, kitchen/cooking/baking, stage set up/art and acting for the skit) while the younger kids did arts and crafts based on Daniel. All went to bible study and attended the skit at the end of each night based on Daniel. While the kids where learning and playing, the adults went to bible study with Pastor Travis!

Here are a few photos of our week at VBS. We can’t wait for this to return next year. It was so much fun for everyone! Big thank you to all of our families and volunteers who made this possible!

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  1. Thank you EVERYONE for making VBS a success! This was an excellent example of what participation in First Lutheran’s interactive and inter-generational programs are all about. I think all the families had a great time! Shelly had a vision of what this could be and she was right on target for making it happen by involving all those who could help make it successful. I was so blessed to be a part of her vision and I can’t wait for future iterations of the new VBS! If you have input or ideas – please share them with Shelly. We can always use everyone’s vision to make things better. Also, if you are interested in being a volunteer for future programs, please talk with Shelly – There is room for everyone! “Many hands make light the load!”


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