Pastor Travis Norton

“I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion of the day of Jesus Christ.”
Philippians 1:6 

In the midst of change and fear we Christians are confident that God isn’t finished with us yet. The older I get the more I am able to see how God works in the life of the church and in individuals over time. So often we experience low points where we are tempted to despair, but then God works to bring healing and new life in unexpected ways. Our confidence in a bright future comes from our faith. This season of Advent is all about the expectation of Jesus’ return even as we remember the fulfillment of God’s promise to provide a messiah in the first place. We have confidence that God will continue His work among us and bring us all to that promised day of Jesus return and the new heaven and the new earth. So, whatever hardship we endure we know that we will get through it because God has promised us that our tomorrow is bright!

-Pastor Travis Norton

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