John 12:1-8

I love all the different things that this passage brings to the table.  We know that Lazarus is joining Jesus at the table, Martha is still serving, Mary anoints Jesus with expensive perfume using her hair, Judas is there and upset at what he seems to view as a waste of expensive perfume.  Everyone is gathered around the table with Jesus, only six days before the Passover that would be Jesus’ last supper and I wonder what each of them might have been thinking.  Did they know this might be the last chance for them to be with Jesus, would that change how they behaved at the table?  Maybe this was literally their “come to Jesus” moment where they needed to reconcile themselves or their expectations and experiences of Jesus with him right there in the moment.  They had all had previous interactions with Jesus where he had given of himself for them, now in this time what did they want to say or do for him? 

Jesus is always for us and with us.  Our faith is a response to Jesus, to Jesus who loves us no matter what.  What would you say to Jesus if you were sitting at the dinner table with him, what do you say to Jesus now as you worship with him and pray to him?  Where do you need to find release and find your way to Jesus in this Lenten season?

-Pastor Carrie

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