What does it take for God to get your attention?  Is it when you hear the Word and it speaks so directly to what you are experiencing that you know it’s God?  Is it when your life circumstances don’t seem to fit anything that you planned for and surely it must be God stepping in?  Is it an experience of God so vivid in its’ closeness to you that it just had to be God?  Is it a still small voice, that only you can hear that is questioning, encouraging, and inviting you to live into the fullness of God in your life?

Saul’s had a conversion experience that woke him to new life in Christ leading him to serve.  Where are the places that we might find a conversion moment in our day to day life?  What is God seeking from you and how will you hear that call and live into it?  What are your breakthrough moments going to be?

-Pastor Carrie

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