“I will follow you wherever you go.” -Luke 9: 57

The text for this week is the story of Jesus passing through a village of Samaritans when they won’t prepare a place for him and moving ahead where then he will encounter others who want to follow him but want to do what they need to do first. Jesus instructs them to not look back.
I find it ironic that Jesus is looking back each time as he instructs people not to look back.  In a world where we find ourselves rejected, as Jesus was, what keeps us on a forward path?  How do we overcome what was, so that we might live into what is meant to be?
No matter what it is that we have faced in the past, Jesus calls us to look ahead, to look towards Him and what His message for the world is.  It seems cruel to not to let people take care of the matters that are close to them before they are to move on in their faith and call to serve Jesus.  But living in what was, might just keep us from the hope that Jesus knows lies ahead.  Where do you find yourself stumbling through the past, holding you up from experiencing God in your midst today?

-Pastor Carrie

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