Pastor Travis Norton

“Jacob was left alone; and a man wrestled with him until daybreak.” Genesis 32:24 

Jacob is returning to his homeland, where his brother Esau waits. Jacob has sent everything that he values ahead of him and then something very mysterious happens. He wrestles. He wrestles with a mysterious man whom he later names as God. What are we to make of this wrestling match? Is it literal? Jacob leaves with a limp. Is it supposed to be symbolic of his worry about what the future holds as he heads back into possible conflict with his brother? Is he wrestling with God, wondering what God’s will for his life is? Maybe all of the above. Whatever it is, we get it, because we’ve been there. We’ve all had those nights when we are engaged with God and pushing our will against His. Maybe that’s enough to know about this. This life is meant to be lived while engaged with God. Pushing and being pushed all while asking for His blessing. Which he gives. A blessing that changes who we are. Jacob leaves that match with a new name, Israel…and a nation is born.

-Pastor Travis Norton

Looking for last weeks worship? You can find it here!

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