“We know that you are a teacher who has come from God; for no one can do these signs that you do apart from the presence of God” John 3:2 

During the season of Lent we are going to be preaching on various conversations with Jesus. The first one doesn’t really fit the rest because it’s a conversation between the devil and Jesus. The devil or the tempter asks Jesus twice to prove himself to be the Son of God. I wonder how much temptation we give into because we feel the need to prove ourselves on someone else’s terms. That seems to be the basis of the devil’s attempts to lead Jesus astray. If he can get Jesus to doubt his identity as God’s son then he can foil God’s plans through Jesus. I’ve seen this over and over in people. They begin to doubt who they are and then seek the approval of someone else by doing things out of character with who God has created them to be. I’ve fallen prey to this myself. I hope we can learn from Jesus how to rest secure in our God given identity. 

Looking for last weeks worship? You can find it here!

-Pastor Travis Norton

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