Lenten Devotional – April 3, 2023

Monday, April 3, 2023
I guess I haven’t learned that yet
by Shauna Niequist, Author
Devotional by Pastor Carrie Baylis

The spiritual significance of walking…a pilgrimage, walking the steps of Jesus, our spiritual walk, the journey alongside someone else. “Maybe walking is the speed of the soul, the exact right pacing for our bodies and spirits and hearts and minds to reconnect, to dwell together again. The soul doesn’t thrive in absolute stillness because of what the body holds that needs to be worked out—that grief, that anger.”

So many of the stories of Holy Week include walking.  The walking that was being done then was with purpose; it had a destination and was to be the end of a journey for a man who had been claimed as the savior.  It probably wasn’t very restful walking, but surely had to be thoughtful, with sights, sounds, smells, crowds and even a solo walk through the darkness to pray.  I think our lives are like that a lot. We are surrounded by all of those things that keep us distracted from the work of the soul and we never learn to lean into the practices that actually work for us in resting with God.  So, in this essay (#20) Shauna helps us to understand our walk.  How do we come alongside Jesus to walk through our lives with intention and purpose, leaning into what it looks like to take a long walk with someone you love.  Walking is one way that some of us can carve out the things that aren’t feeding our soul, we can walk out frustrations and worries, clear our minds of what bogs us down and open ourselves to what might be around the next corner that will fill our soul. 

I think this speaks to me because it’s another restful and meditative practice that actually gets us moving, doesn’t have to be done alone and is restorative in so many ways.  When we walk, we can see the world around us, but still focus on each step, one at a time and guide them to ways and places that can bring sabbath and soul together.

Prayer: God, we pray for an openness to recognize you coming alongside of us in our journey each day.  We know that you guide our path and that it leads us to all that is good.  Give us rest in the journey and new ways to discover our life with you. Amen.

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