“Honor everyone. Love the family of believers. Fear God. Honor the emperor” 1 Peter 2:17 

I think I hear the record scratch on that last phrase. Honor the emperor? Are you sure? The emperor of Rome. The one who persecuted Christians? Why would Peter urge early Christians to honor the emperor and what does that mean? It reminds me of people who say about presidents they didn’t vote for, ‘that’s not my president.’ But Peter seems to encourage a different tact. He says more controversial things in this passage too. Slaves are to obey their masters. Excuse me? Wives are to respect the authority of their husbands. What? To understand these shocking statements, you have to uncover the reason Peter urges honor and long-suffering. It’s to win people over to Christ! Can our conduct influence people to put their faith in Jesus? That’s what we’ll talk about on Sunday. 

Looking for last week’s worship? You can find it here!

-Pastor Travis Norton

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