The Saint John’s Bible: Pentateuch

If you liked my Children’s Sermon last Sunday, you are going to want to turn into our next Adult Seminar!

This Sunday we start a six week series on The Saint John’s Bible.  It is the first handwritten and hand-illuminated Bible commissioned by a Benedictine abbey since the invention of the printing press! It’s beautiful illustrations bring the Bible stories to life in new and thought-provoking ways. It is a modern and contemporary Bible made for twenty-first century readers and believers.

This week we will explore beautiful illuminations on the Creation, Adam and Eve, Jacob’s Ladder, The Ten Commandments and more! Make sure to join us this week via Zoom for an exploration of the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible. Come see how these contemporary artists captured the foundations of our Christian faith.

Join our Zoom Meeting, 10:30 a.m. Sunday Morning
Meeting ID: 843 6443 9242

The Book of Acts Bible Study Podcast

By Michaela Eskew
September 14 – December 14 2020
Podcast uploaded by Tuesday morning

In this time of Pandemic, I couldn’t think of a more relatable text than the Book of Acts. Join me this Fall, as we put ourselves into the shoes of the First Apostles. Let us remind ourselves of our humble beginnings in the Early Church. Let us walk alongside Peter and Paul as they bring the Gospel to the world. And finally, let us learn from the disciples who began their ministry cowering behind locked doors only to be called by Jesus Christ to continue his ministry and to heal and proclaim their witness to a broken world. This Bible Study will be in the form of a 30-minute podcast, uploaded weekly to our website. This way you can read alongside me and challenge yourself with my commentary and questions whenever is convenient for you!

You can find the podcast on our website here:
Scroll down and look for the red section. Or you can click on this direct link that will take you to this weeks upload:

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First Lutheran Youth and Families: We need your help!

You likely got a survey or two in your email and mailboxes this past week. We are polling our youth and their families to help craft a youth ministry that is supportive and formative in this pandemic time. We know that things are strange, so we need your honest opinions on ways we can move forward. How comfortable do you feel to meet in person following current protocols? Would your youth actually attend online events and ministry offerings? We want to provide something that is both fun and formative for you in this anxious and unusual time. Help us by filling out those surveys and getting them back to us swiftly. Thank you in advance!

First Lutheran Mom’s Group is TONIGHT!

Online via Zoom – 8 pm on Tuesdays

As a mom of two little ones, I feel the social isolation and stress that this pandemic has put on an already hard situation. That hard situation is parenthood. It was never the easiest job, though at times very rewarding, but now it had gotten even harder. I will be leading fellow mom’s in a weekly zoom conversation to just vent to one another, share stories, and lift each other up in this time of trial. Moms of all ages are welcome!
Meeting ID: 851 8482 1426

First Lutheran Mom’s Group

Did Pastor Maerten’s piece in last week’s Ekklesia on “Mom Rage” really hit a chord with you too? As a mom of two little ones, I feel the social isolation and stress that this pandemic has put on an already hard situation. That hard situation is parenthood. It was never the easiest job, though at times very rewarding, but now it had gotten even harder. I would love to lead fellow mom’s in a weekly or bi-weekly zoom conversation to just vent to one another, share stories, and lift each other up in this time of trial. If you are interested, please email me at If we get enough response, I will post times and details in the Ekklesia next week!


A week or so ago Pastor Travis asked me if there were any records indicating what might have happened at First Lutheran during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. So – I put on my mask, rang the bell by the “Round Desk” door and checked the archives.

Unfortunately, our weekly bulletins did not begin until 1925 and there are few records before that. However, we do have the minutes of the Ladies Aid Society from 1890 – 1949. During 1918 the ladies met twice a month.

The minutes for the September 24, 1918 meeting cover general routine matters. But then, turn the page in the Minute Book and read: “No meetings during October, November and December on account of the flu epidemic.” Meetings resumed the following January, 1919 – with the laconic statement “This is our first meeting since the flu epidemic. The meeting was called to order by the president and opened in the usual manner.” One further note mentioned, “Not being able to elect officers at the regular time [December], we proceeded to elect them.”

Additional information for the last months of 1918 is provided by the Colorado Springs Gazette. An article for October 5, 1918, headlined, “Drastic Closing Order Issued to Avert Influenza Epidemic,” noted the following:

“The most drastic and all-embracing closing order ever given in Colorado Springs was announced last night by Dr. George B. Gilmore city heath officer, after a conference with a committee of the El Paso County Medical Society. The order, which is intended to avert the outbreak of a general epidemic of influenza in the Pikes Peak Region, closes all schools, theaters, moving picture houses, the college, and every public meeting place of every character. There will be no church services tomorrow and pool rooms and other amusement places will be closed until further notice. Dr. Gilmore’s action was not intended as a final resort to meet a critical emergency but as a preventive measure which was better enforced now before the epidemic became general. . .. The health department, in effect, was said to be ‘locking the door before the horse thief arrived.’ Dr. Charles F. Gardiner, president of the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Red Cross stated: ‘My opinion is well known. I think everything should be closed before the trouble starts, not after it is too late.’”

-Mike Olsen

New Homes for New Beginnings

First Lutheran is beginning to clean out the Peel House of numerous things collecting dusts over the years.  Ryan, First Lutheran Sexton, was able to find new homes for 161 Banquet chairs went to a new wedding venue in Canon City. 100 plus Sunday School desks are going to a kindergarten class in Nogales, Mexico, as they have had nothing for years for the students. More chairs were donated to youth boxing club, supporting Colorado Springs youth! 

The old stuff will provide many more uses for generations to come! 

Many Adorable Servants show Kindness and Support (MASKS)

First Lutheran continues to bless the community once again! 

When asked to help and make at least 50 face masks for MOSAIC, there were 160 masks made and delivered to First Lutheran within 5 days!  More masks continue to come in and we will continue to distribute to the many outreach agencies First Lutheran supports.  Am I surprised about the 160?!?  No way – it’s the amazing and loving support that First Lutheran members continually do each and every day!

Virtual hugs to all!

 Marcia Foret, Director of Lay Ministries

Sunday School Update

I hope you are all well and finding success in navigating our “new normal”.  It can be so fun to have extra family time, and it can also be a challenge to fill that time.  Regarding their Christian education we want to provide consistency and structure for the kids while we all stay home.   We also want to continue with the lesson plan that is mapped out for the rest of the school year.   

To do this we are asking all of you to get your kids to online Sunday school!  Simply click on the Zoom link provided for each grade at the appointed time.  Then click on the link to open the meeting in your browser.  Please plan to attend the class for the first few minutes.  You will need to help your kids with meeting etiquette, the mute button, etc.  As you will see, every time there is noise on your end the video feed is on you.  We recommend using a device with a large screen – we want the kids to see faces!  The meeting information for Kindergarten – 5th grade is as follows:

Kinder / 1st Grade Tuesday, 7-7:30pm:
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 673 429 984

2nd grade, Sunday, 10-10:30am:
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 779 314 033

3rd grade, Wednesday, 7-7:30pm:
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 726 401 318

4th grade, Sunday, 7-7:30 pm:
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 488 852 972

5th grade, Thursday, 2-2:30 pm:
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 366 844 514

These  classes will be hosted by your child’s Sunday school teachers, Pastor Travis, Pastor Carrie, and myself.  We are hoping kids will stay connected to each other, their teachers, and First Lutheran.

We encourage families to worship together on Sunday mornings.  Worship is posted to our website on Sunday mornings.  You can also find the link on Facebook or on the Blog on our website.  We will also post links to resources that will help you fill the time with faith building activities such as:

  • A Lenten Devotional (with activities) written by Michaela Eskew
  • Rainbow Trail and Sky Ranch Lutheran Camps – Tune in using Facebook Live at 3:00 pm Monday – Thursday for song, scripture, prayer, stories, and fun
  • Illustrated Ministry – receive free weekly coloring pages and family devotions in your email

Lastly,  please send in a short video clip for use in our online worship.   Holding your phone horizontally, take a selfie video of you and your family saying ‘And also with you’ and send it to

While our ‘pause’ button is on, enjoy the blessing of your kids and family!  Be well and let me know if there is anything you need.


Shelly Schmidt

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