Peel House Progress – January 16, 2021

More work done this week on the new elevator!
Almost to the top.
Inside the new heating and cooling units are going up.
And new walls are being put in place.
New bathrooms being put in place.
Saving and polishing the hardware from the doors!
Back outside making the cut in the road for the power line.

Peel House Progress – January 9, 2021

Work continues on the elevator outside!
Inside, they’re working on filling in the floor in the kitchen. This will make it level for the new flooring.
An area that has already been completed in the kitchen.
In the dining room, electrical work has begun.
More electrical work in the dining room.
Big delivery this week was the heating and cooling units!
Doors and trim on the patio that will be reused or recycled!

Peel House Progress – December 26, 2020

Work on the elevator has started this week!
Another view of the soon the be elevator.
In the attic, they have completed the task of running electrical, so they are patching the walls back up.
Tests for the heating and cooling lines are being done to make sure they are functional after the install.
The pipes for the heating and cooling run from the basement up to the attic (previous photo).
On the second floor, more electrical is being run.

Peel House Progress – December 19, 2020

More cement was poured this week in the elevator shaft. It is under those blankets. Due to the cold, it had to be kept warm!
Cinder blocks have been delivered for the elevator shaft!
They finished pulling up the bricks. These will be reused after construction is done!
In the basement, they’ve been working hard to scrape the damaged plaster and paint off the bricks. Look how pretty that exposed brick is!
More exposed brick!
This is the before! What a difference.
This special protected piping has been put in the basement for the hvac.

Peel House Progress – December 12, 2020

Lots of minor work going into what will be the elevator and attached room.
Another view. The upper left will be two doors going into the basement.
In the old billards room in the basement, this area will become a door for access to the elevator room.
This is the same room as above. The whole wall behind the paneling was crumbling, pushing the beautiful panels out. This has been fix and the paneling will be reassembled.
Another view
New windows going upstairs!
All the bricks are being pulled up and saved while they do work on the outside.

Pastor Hank is Retiring…. Again

He came to First Lutheran a retired pastor and was quickly hired to assist with visitation and grief counseling. Through the years he has helped many of our members during the darkest times of their lives as they cope with the loss of lifelong partners. He has visited the homebound and brought comfort and the good news of the gospel to those isolated by illness. He became a regular preacher in the rotation for the Saturday night service. In addition to his official duties he has offered counsel and example to the younger pastors still in the middle of their working years.

Pastor Hank has worked long beyond what anyone would have expected. He will continue to volunteer at First, but wants the freedom to be even more active pursuing his hobbies and activities with his wife, Sally. We are sorry to see him go, but fully understand that the time has come. We are grateful he will continue to be seen around the congregation serving as we all do, at our leisure.

I asked Pastor Carrie to share some thoughts and she writes of Pastor Hank “Pastor Hank has always been one who is quietly productive, a straight shooter, willing to step in and take the lead whenever called upon. He and Sally often worshipped together at the Saturday evening service where they were loved by those who regularly attended. He is a gifted storyteller which made for easy listening to sermons that were often filled with depth and character from his years of experience in the parish and in the great outdoors. Pastor Hank has gifts in listening and hearing people, he is relational and combined with his education and intelligence he provided counseling which lead many to relief in their lives and deep gratitude for Pastor Hank.”

Pastor Hank will complete his work the end of December. I invite the congregation to send in cards with notes of personal appreciation prior to his departure. We’ll set aside some time in worship to thank him and share these notes.

God has richly blessed First Lutheran with men and women of considerable talent and generosity in sharing their gifts. Pastor Hank is at the top of that list and for him we give thanks to God.

-Pastor Travis

Peel House Progress – December 5, 2020

This week’s big news on the renovation? The windows are in and they’re starting to hang them!
So pretty and warm!
Waiting to get put in.
New hallway to the upstairs bathrooms and the new elevator.
Near the kitchen – new duct work waiting to go in.
In the kitchen we have new plumbing and electrical work getting done.
A different angle of the kitchen.

Covid-19 Update from the Pastor

As the coronavirus continues to spike in our country, I’m beginning to get word of members who are sick with the disease, and one is currently hospitalized. It’s been heartening to hear that relief is on the way in the form of at least three effective vaccines. But we know it will take time to receive that relief and in the meantime, people are getting sick some to the point of hospitalization and even death. Our hearts go out to all who are suffering from this pandemic, both those who suffer physically and economically.

Our county has moved the Covid-19 dial to Red or “Severe Risk.” Not many weeks ago this was the most severe category, but they have since added a Purple or “Extreme Risk” category that will basically be a shut down. What does this mean for the church? While we will continually review and update our policy, we have decided to take the following actions effective Friday, November 27.

· The church building is closed to small groups.

· The church building is closed to 12-step groups.

· The church building is closed except by appointment.

· Only essential church staff will work from the church building and only as necessary. All persons entering the building must be wearing a cloth mask, and that mask is to be worn whenever they are interacting with any other person or in a shared space.
-Receptionist and Sextons must wear a cloth/paper mask at all times since they work in shared spaces.
-Face shields may be used in addition but not as a replacement for a cloth or disposable paper mask.

· We will hold our 3:15 p.m. outdoor Sunday Advent services. The current restrictions limit us to 75 people. So, the grounds will be closed to everyone after the 75-person threshold. Everyone needs to make a reservation through the online sign-up form.

· Funerals, weddings, baptisms and other life rites will be held outdoors or postponed for now.

· We will no longer use volunteers for church activities. Staff will cover counting, folding, setting up etc.

· The only exemptions to these restrictions will be in the case of recording needs to provide online worship services for the congregation.

Please continue to pray for an end to the pandemic. And please continue to do your part as good Christian citizens, to serve your neighbor and take action to minimize the spread of this disease. We have tough months ahead of us, but the good news is that it is likely only a few months until this is all behind us.

-Pastor Travis

Peel House Progress – November 28, 2020

Last week we showed you the footings for the elevator. Here they are poured!
The asbestos filled boiler has been removed!
This is going up the stairs. A lot of electrical work has been done the last few weeks!
Each room has lots of these cut outs for the electricians to do their work.
All new heating and cooling duct work all throughout the Peel House!
Warm in the winter. Cool in the summer!
The soon to be entrance doors for the new men’s and women’s upstairs bathrooms!
The coffee bar/lounge is coming right along. I’m SO excited for this area!

Peel House Progress – November 21, 2020

More forms were placed for the elevator footings.
They finished this mid week and poured more concrete at the end of this week! More photos of that to come.
This week was all about the stuff we can’t see in a completed building. Electric and plumbing. Not fun, but very needed!
Electricians hard at work!
Knocking down more walls upstairs.
Same in the kitchen. More demo work!
Meanwhile, in the basement, the contractors are working hard to save this beautiful wood wall. They need to fix the damage behind and will put it back together.

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