Abba, Father”

I’m not sure we can ever overestimate the significance of that first line of the Lord’s prayer. Jesus teaches us to pray “our father.” That is we are invited to call the creator of the universe—Dad. And in Romans 8, Paul says that we get to go even further and call God ‘Abba.’ That is a term of endearment for a Dad, like papa or daddy. It’s a term of closeness and intimacy and trust. That’s the kind of relationship Jesus has shared with us. I guess the question for us is what needs to change within us that we would begin to speak with God as our papa, our dad?

-Pastor Travis

Peel House Progress – May 22, 2021

Starting outside today.. Look at that elevator building!
Soon, this will be the entrance from the elevator building to the current dining room!
Big news this week is the cabinets arrived!

Look how great they’re going to look with the existing upper glass cabinets!

In the upstairs bathrooms, we have counter tops!
The men’s bathroom even has faucets!

Registration for Worship No Longer Required

Council had already decided to remove capacity limits and registration requirements for worship beginning on June 6th, but with the recent lifting of the mask mandates we see no reason to delay. So beginning this Sunday, Pentecost, you will no longer be required to register for worship. If you haven’t yet been vaccinated or are only partially vaccinated please continue to wear a mask. See you Sunday!

I’ve been thinking a lot about community lately. Our community held strong during the pandemic, but it was stretched and tested and we have some rebuilding work to do, especially among our young families and young adults. Pentecost is the church’s celebration of the work of the Holy Spirit. God unleashed the Holy Spirit on Pentecost to share the good news of Jesus. But what strikes me is how the Holy Spirit chose a festival day when representatives of the whole human community were gathered in Jerusalem. People from every tribe and tongue. The work of the Holy Spirit is a work of rebuilding community, rebuilding the human community by uniting all people in Christ. As we work with the Spirit and the Spirit works through us we will find ourselves doing that same work of rebuilding. May God smile on our efforts!

-Pastor Travis

Peel House Progress – May 15, 2021

The tile floors in the kitchen are DONE!
Here is another view of the safe area in the kitchen. Notice the doors are put back on?
The newly added bathroom on the first level behind the kitchen is tiled as well!
The existing bathroom on the main level is half way through it’s makeover!
The glue on the stair way is being removed.
Another view of the steps.
Water fountains in the second floor are almost done!

Coming Soon: Middle and High School Summer Trips!

Middle School – June 7-9

High School – July 18-23

This trip is for rising 7th -9th graders and will be here at First Lutheran. It will include service opportunities and KICK team training for those interested as well formational experiences and time just for fellowship and fun.
Click here to sign up!

Rising Sophomores -Graduating Seniors
Say a prayer and mark your calendars! If it is safe and prudent to do so we are heading to New Mexico to do the trip we planned for 2020. We’ll spend three days doing service work in Albuquerque with Service Learning Camps, then head to Las Vegas NM for three days of fun at Storrie Lake State Park.It’s going to be a week of fun activities, meaningful work, and most importantly… connection! Sign up here!

“I am not asking you to take them out of the world, but I ask you to protect them from the evil one” –John 17: 15 

We live in a time and place where we need to protect each other. We need to love each other. We need to advocate for each other and want the best for each other. But isn’t that hard somedays? It can be a struggle, especially when we look at someone and think they are wrong, or they aren’t living as God called us to, or we have decided what God wants for us or for someone else. Except that we don’t actually get to decide those things.  Each of us has our own relationship with God and we must work through that to know how God is going to use us, and what our response is going to be to God’s call on our life. This verse from John reminds us that we are not here to judge what is right or wrong for someone else’s life, but it is part of our call to protect one another from evil. To see when evil is lurking, and it doesn’t always have to be the important things. Maybe it’s when someone is down on themselves and needs help to see the good or to escape the negative self-talk. Perhaps it’s looking at destructive patterns and behavior in our lives and finding ways to lift ourselves and others out of that. Maybe evil lurks when we have turned from God and found idols in other parts of our lives. Protecting one another from the evil one is a part of our call to live in good faith with one another, to lift up the lowly, to walk humbly with God. Jesus doesn’t want us to further separate us from one another through condemnation and judgement, but to protect one another from just that, to protect us from the evil one who separates us from God and one another. We are blessed to be a blessing, let’s remember that in how we treat one another. 

-Pastor Carrie

Peel House Progress – May 8, 2021

Most of the work has been focused inside this week. Here the kitchen is getting tile!
The carpet on the stairs has been removed!
Tile in the coffee bar is done!
The bathroom tile is done and now they are getting sinks and toilets!
In the basement, the walls are painted and the exposed brick walls are getting a treatment. Oh and we have carpet in the basement!

Beating the Bounds…and drinking coffee

Thursday, May 13 various times and locations
Pastor Travis and Pastor Carrie

We know that the church seems to have lots of peculiar traditions in many different places and we would like to embrace one of those old traditions with a new modern-day approach. The “beating the bounds,” is a tradition with a 600+ year history. A procession of church dignitaries and parishioners mark the borders of their parish by walking them and hitting marker stones with willow wands on the day of the Ascension. Now, Pastor Travis and I are not big into lashing stone with willow wands… But can we come by for a quick coffee and a bite to eat.

When I was growing up it seemed like we always had friends and family dropping in for a quick cup of coffee, or my mom was stopping at someone else’s place for a quick cup. It wasn’t ever anything fancy, more just dropping in to say hello because we were in the neighborhood. I wonder what happened to that tradition? I know that it seems everyone is always on the go, with somewhere to be, but have we lost some connectedness in our rush to always get to the next scheduled thing?

So, to honor this old tradition of the “beating the bounds”, Pastor Travis and I would like to “beat the bounds” of our parish and have a drink and a bite with you. In one-day we will travel to Monument, Briargate, Widefield, Manitou Springs and end in our church neighborhood to spending about an hour or so at a local spot sipping and noshing with our members who live near that particular boundary of our parish!

May 13, 2021
Monument 8 – 9 a.m. Coffee Cup Café (breakfast) 251 Front St., Suite #6

Briargate 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. Mission Coffee Roasters (coffee & pastry) 11641 Ridgeline Dr, 80921

Powers Corridor 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Rock Bottom Brewery (lunch stop) 3316 Cinema Point, 809223

S. Academy 1 – 2 p.m. Black Bear Coffee and Tea (post-lunch coffee) 975 N Academy Blvd, 80909

Manitou Springs 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. Amanda’s Fonda (chips & dip) 3625 W Colorado Ave, 80904

Westside 4 – 5:30 p.m. View House (Happy Hour) 7114 Campus Dr, 80920

FLC Neighborhood 6 – 7 p.m. Good Neighbors’ Meeting House 505 E Columbia St, 80907

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