The Peel House at First Lutheran Church Grand Opening!

It started with a parade with Pastor Peel and Louis Peel in a horse-drawn carriage, while Pastor Travis was driven around in a vintage 1959 Mercedes!

We then had a ribbon cutting ceremony, which you can watch below!

After the ribbon was cut around the Peel House, everyone was invited to go inside a take a tour! We had amazing food, friendship and fun! Take a look at the photos below. More will be added as they come in!

OWLs Are Back!

The Owl’s (Older Wiser Lutheran’s) met again for the first time in over a year! They went to the US Olympic & Paralympic Museum just in time for the Olympics! A few photos of their trip are below!

Want to attend the event on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 to the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum? We will meet at the church at 9:30 a.m for a 10:00 a.m. tour.
Here are the details!
Colorado Springs is turning 150 years old this year! The Pioneer Museum is having a special COS@150 exhibit. We will have an introduction in their Division 1 Courtroom then take a self-guided tour through the COS@150 -Exploring Colorado Springs Story Through Objects exhibit. The museum has chosen to examine 150 objects, illuminating 150 stories, exploring 150 years. The stories in the gallery are organized ten per decade. Bring your phone as you are invited to open the QR codes to explore more information at each story.
Where will we have lunch? It is FOOD TRUCK TUESDAY at the museum; take your pick! Please bring your own camping/beach type chair which will be stored in the van during the tour. If you do not have a chair, a folding chair will be provided by FLC on the east side of the museum.
Space is limited. We can take 45 in our buses and 60 total visitors if some drive on their own. The tour is free, but please bring a $5 per person donation to the museum. You can sign up by clicking here as well as an iPad sign up at all Sunday services. You can, of course, call the church at 719.632.8836 to sign up as well. The deadline to sign up is August 11!

VBS 2021 – That’s a Wrap!

This year Vacation Bible School (VBS) was done completely different, and it was SO much fun. First, this was done at night, so we had dinner and live entertainment. You ate with your family, while meeting new families! After dinner was over, the kids broke out into groups. The older kids got to pick an elective (tech/photography, kitchen/cooking/baking, stage set up/art and acting for the skit) while the younger kids did arts and crafts based on Daniel. All went to bible study and attended the skit at the end of each night based on Daniel. While the kids where learning and playing, the adults went to bible study with Pastor Travis!

Here are a few photos of our week at VBS. We can’t wait for this to return next year. It was so much fun for everyone! Big thank you to all of our families and volunteers who made this possible!

Coming Soon: Middle and High School Summer Trips!

Middle School – June 7-9

High School – July 18-23

This trip is for rising 7th -9th graders and will be here at First Lutheran. It will include service opportunities and KICK team training for those interested as well formational experiences and time just for fellowship and fun.
Click here to sign up!

Rising Sophomores -Graduating Seniors
Say a prayer and mark your calendars! If it is safe and prudent to do so we are heading to New Mexico to do the trip we planned for 2020. We’ll spend three days doing service work in Albuquerque with Service Learning Camps, then head to Las Vegas NM for three days of fun at Storrie Lake State Park.It’s going to be a week of fun activities, meaningful work, and most importantly… connection! Sign up here!

Epiphany greetings, friends!

Mark and Cynthia in Tanzania

We write, deep into the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year. Our classes are humming along and other projects are progressing as well. We write here of two: an Intensive Student Reading Group on Race and Christian Theology, and an experiment in training for congregations in Mission Engagement.


In mid-2020 when we were still in the US and watching the news of protests and movement in race relations, we started discussing how university students were engaging—and sometimes initiating—national and international conversations about race. This led to dialogue with Cynthia’s brother R. Ward Holder, who teaches at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, and to two grant applications to develop a joint student learning initiative on Race and Christian Theology, bringing students from Saint Anselm’s and Makumira together in learning about key African and African American thought about race and theology—a combining of topics…

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BASIC Training Discipleship Path


In 2021 we are inviting the congregation to join us in a discipleship path to nurture people as they grow in their Christian faith. The first phase of this journey is all about the Bible. The options for participation include:

· Daily Bible reading plan beginning January 1, for exploring scripture on your own and with a Facebook Group for discussion, thoughts, and questions

· Wednesday morning zoom Bible study beginning January 13 10 a.m. led by Pastor Travis.

· Weekly 30-minute video class, with a link in First Weekly and available on YouTube, each Wednesday beginning January 13 that will give an overview of the Bible.

Each of these offerings are designed to reach those who may have years of reading and studying scripture and those who might be diving into the Word for the first time.

The daily reading plan will include a passage each day that you can read and contemplate on your own or you can join a new Facebook Group for First Lutheran that will be titled First Lutheran Daily Reading Group. In this group, the reading will be posted each day and we can share thoughts, questions, and ideas that relate to the scripture. This will be a safe space to explore what the scripture meant in the time and context that it was written, what it means for us now, and how we might apply it in our lives today.

We look forward to beginning this journey with each of you.

January Reading Plan

Week 1: God the Creator
1 Genesis 1: 1-3 God Creates the World
2 Genesis 1: 26-31 God Creates Humans
3 Genesis 2: 4-25 Creation Again
4 Genesis 6: 1-8 Wickedness of Humankind
5 Proverbs 3: 19-24 Creativity, Wisdom
6 John 1: 1-5 The Incarnate Word
7 Romans 11: 33-36 All Things from God

Week 2: God’s Chosen
8 Genesis 12: 1-3 God Calls Abraham
9 Genesis 17: 1-8 God’s Covenant
10 Genesis 21: 1-7 The Birth of Isaac
11 Genesis 22: 1-14 God Tests Abraham
12 Hebrews 11: 8-12 Examples of Faith
13 Exodus 3: 13-22 The Divine Name Revealed
14 Galatians 3: 6-9 Children of Abraham

Week 3: Challenge of Faith
16 Judges 4: 1-24 Deborah’s Victory
17 Judges 6: 33- 7: 22 Gideon’s Charge
18 Judges 16: 4-30 Samson’s Story
19 Joshua 1: 1-9 Joshua leads the way
19 Joshua 6: 1-20 Jericho’s Fall
20 1 Samuel 3: 1- 4: 1 Samuel’s Call
21 1 Samuel 7: 2-17 Samuel the Judge

Week 4: From Warrior to King
22 Psalm 89: 19-37 God’s Covenant
23 1 Samuel 20: 12-42 David and Jonathan
24 1 Samuel 24: 1-22 Hiding from Saul
25 1 Samuel 26: 1-25 David spares Saul
26 1 Samuel 31: 1-13 Saul’s death
27 2 Samuel 1: 17-2:7 David is King
28 2 Samuel 4: 4-12 The Avenger

Time for Pie!

Lessons & Carols will be online this year (this Sunday, 12/13 at 3:30 p.m. on YouTube), which means we will not be able to have our traditional pie-fest. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some pie! See the recipes below that have been sent in by First Lutheran members and staff!

What is your favorite pie?

Want to download these to save for later or print? Click here!

Christian Olive Wood Project

Benefiting Christian Palestinian Families in Bethlehem.

Beautiful carved olive wood products are available at First Lutheran! Products are not on display, however, you may order items listed below by calling the church office at 719.632.8836 Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

There is a limited supply, so order early! Sale ends December 11! Please call the church for item dimensions.

Click here to download the full brochure along with photos.

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