Peel House Progress – April 17, 2021

This week, we start inside the kitchen. The drywall has gone up and everything is getting mud and tape!
The doorway into the back patio from the kitchen is being opened up. The rest of the bricks will be removed and a door put in!
In the parlor, the old fireplace, which was covered up years ago, is getting drywall and custom cabinetry!
Going upstairs, just off the main staircase, the whole second floor is getting new paint! Final coat went on later this week.
The second floor coffee bar is coming together!
The soon to be door for the stairwell going to the third floor from the elevator room on the second floor.
The view from the same photo above, just to the left. You can see the new stairwell getting a new wall!
More bricks added to the elevator shaft!

Peel House Progress – April 10, 2021

Busy week at the Peel House inside and out! All things electrical are happening next week, so this week was a time to prepare.
Colorado Springs Utilities brought in the new electric box that will get hooked up next week!
On the elevator side, more bricks went up!
Concrete was poured on the steps.
Another view of the great concrete work!
A view down the elevator shaft.
What will be the elevator entrance on the second floor.
Great progress on the main steps going upstairs.
Tons of drywall work is being done. Next up.. paint!
Lois and Pastor Peel stopped by for a tour of the renovations. He even got the opportunity to sign the wall before it gets painted!

Peel House Progress – April 3, 2021

Outside this week a lot of prep was done to pour concrete. This is right after it was poured for the elevator!
More prep work near the staff parking lot.
Another view. This is where the new transformer will sit.
Inside more drywall and trim went back up!
It is really coming together.

Peel House Progress – March 27, 2021

This week we’ve seen a lot of drywall go up!
The walls and ceiling are starting to take shape.
In the basement, they are putting the finishing touches on the walls. The ceiling is getting drywall and walls are getting the final treatments.
Outside, they had to cut the trim to add a new metal beam for the elevator support.

Peel House Progress – March 20, 2021

Look at the brick going up on the new elevator shaft. It matches perfectly to the original brick on the Peel House
We have a second floor bathrooms now! This is the women’s, with all this natural light!
Another view of the women’s bathrooms. Toilets will be on the left and sinks on the right.
This will be the men’s second floor bathrooms.
An outside view of the steps next to the elevator. It’s coming right along!

Peel House Progress – March 13, 2021

Remember this stairwell last week? It has drywall this week! They’ve been working hard on getting most of the drywall done in this area along with the second floor.
The second floor is really coming together!
They are working on the second floor landing!
The crew has been working hard to get these areas ear the staff parking lot filled back in with dirt before the upcoming snow storm.

Peel House Progress – March 6, 2021

Look at how the outside of the elevator is coming along!
Inside we finally have steps from the second floor to the attic. Just behind the camera will be the elevator.
The view looking down from the attic. The area of sunlight you see below will be the elevator access for the second floor.
In the kitchen, the framing for the ceiling and the wall where the stove will be is getting out up.
More heating and cooling units were delivered while I was here!

Peel House Progress – February 27, 2021

The progress made this week was mostly outside and underground. However, I did find a few new things inside that are picture worthy for this blog series!

The new insulation arrived this week!
This is the second floor opening for the new stairs I mentioned last week. This week they closed up the door way. We’re getting there!
The second floor hallway is coming together. They are done making the doorways and are now framing to create the hallway!

Peel House Progress – February 20, 2021

Starting outside this week, most of the outside digging is done for the new kitchen. You can see the grease catchment system already put into place. When I took this photo on Tuesday, the inspector was coming that day to inspect all the work!
On the other side of the building, you can see the framework for the new elevator building and stairs. It’s moving right along despite our recent storms.
Inside, the heating and cooling system has been put into place.
New gas lines are being run for the upstairs gas fireplaces.
More of the opening for the stairs has been opened up. Soon, they’ll open the outside wall to bring the red metal steps in. They weigh over 500 pounds!

Peel House Progress – February 13, 2021

Lots going on outside this week,. Here you see the stairs and the frame for the elevator building going up!
A view of the new steps from the second floor window!
Speaking of steps, I caught the crew as they started cutting through the attic to the second floor for the new stairway!
This is an underside view from the image above. Soon a stairway will be here!
Speaking of the attic, all of the patching and painting is done! I was told 90% of the attic is complete.
Remember the big beam in the kitchen I told you about a few weeks ago? Well it’s up! This is the kitchen sporting its new support beam.
Back outside, they are moving along with the plumbing that is getting relocated.

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