Pastor Travis Norton

They finally dislodged the stuck ship from the Suez Canal. 9 Billion dollars of trade had been lost each day for the week it was stuck. Everything got backed up, people had to make hard decisions about going around Africa or waiting it out, each decision fraught with expense. But now it’s free and the canal is open again and things are flowing. A friend of mine pointed out that this is like Easter. Our lives, our flow got disrupted when death blocked our path to God. But Jesus dislodged the rock from the tomb and got life flowing again. Easter is about hope. That which is stuck will be dislodged. That which blocks our path will be removed. The grief, the sorrow, the despair will all give way to rejoicing and joy. I think this year that message is harder to hear and more needed than many years before. Life is returning!

-Pastor Travis

Peel House Progress – March 27, 2021

This week we’ve seen a lot of drywall go up!
The walls and ceiling are starting to take shape.
In the basement, they are putting the finishing touches on the walls. The ceiling is getting drywall and walls are getting the final treatments.
Outside, they had to cut the trim to add a new metal beam for the elevator support.

Sign Up for In-Person Holy Week Services on the Lawn

We will have worship on Maundy Thursday at 12 p.m. and on Good Friday at 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. outdoors, weather permitting, on the front lawn of the church. We will also hold Easter services outdoors at 8, 9, 10 & 11 a.m. on Sunday, April 4. We are hoping for good weather, but will also provide an online version for each of the days of Holy Week. Sign up here.

We are now taking orders for Easter Lilies. That can be done online by clicking here.

Jesus often found himself immersed in dying, death, and resurrection. I do wonder what was going through his mind as he entered into Jerusalem during that festival week.  He was greeted by cheers and cloaks thrown down for him to ride over as the people welcomed him. This of course would be short-lived, the cheers would become jeers as the week went on.  Surely Jesus must have spent time reflecting on a life well lived.  From growing up in Nazareth, doing carpentry projects with his dad, playing with his cousin John, teaching in the temple, performing countless miracles, welcoming children, befriending those that others dared to even look at let alone dine with, and now he was entering town with a title he didn’t ask for but knew would carry deathly consequence.  So, what was Jesus hoping for in his last week? Was he able to reflect on all the connections and relationships in his life?  Did he know that some 2000 years later we would still be learning the way from him and bringing others to know him too?  I invite you to reflect this week on the connections you’ve made and lives you’ve touched.  What mark do you hope to leave in this kingdom of God? 

-Pastor Carrie

Sunday Adult Seminar – Rosary Kits

We have reached the end of our Lenten Journey through Artistic Spiritual Practices: Created and Creating! In this very last week, we are putting together a Lutheran Lenten rosary. Kits are available at the round desk at First Lutheran this week. The kits come with a diagram for making the rosary as well as prayers to do with each bead. However, if you want more information or want help with creating the rosary, join us on zoom at 10:30 a.m. this Sunday, March 28.

Zoom ID: 843 6443 9242

You are created in the image of a creator! That means that you have the innate gift to create. Whether you know these talents already or you are just an admirer of other’s beautiful creations, I encourage you to join us this Lenten period to try out some creative spiritual practices. 

Peel House Progress – March 20, 2021

Look at the brick going up on the new elevator shaft. It matches perfectly to the original brick on the Peel House
We have a second floor bathrooms now! This is the women’s, with all this natural light!
Another view of the women’s bathrooms. Toilets will be on the left and sinks on the right.
This will be the men’s second floor bathrooms.
An outside view of the steps next to the elevator. It’s coming right along!
Pastor Travis Norton

“Now my soul is troubled. And what should I say—‘Father, save me from this hour’? No, it is for this reason that I have come to this hour.” John 12:27

I’m always struck by the struggle Jesus has with going to the cross. He’s clearly feeling anxious about the path ahead, but is committed to it nonetheless. I’ve often wrongly believed that people who do the hard but right thing felt good about it. I’ve found myself feeling like a weak leader when I second guess the path or have mixed feelings about the hardship of walking the path. But then I see Jesus with great clarity walking towards his death. Although he is clear about what is required it doesn’t mean it isn’t hard on him emotionally or spiritually. His prayers and comments reveal a man who daily has to quiet his fears and anxiety and continue to do what He knows is right and required. We are called to hard paths in our Christian faith sometimes and we need not feel ashamed when we feel the stress and internal anxiety. Turn those over to God and then, like Jesus, continue to be obedient. No matter what

-Pastor Travis

Created and Creating: A Lenten Journey through Artistic Spiritual Practices – Creative Writing

Lead by Michaela Eskew
Every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. via Zoom, now through March 28
Zoom ID: 843 6443 9242

You are created in the image of a creator! That means that you have the innate gift to create. Whether you know these talents already or you are just an admirer of other’s beautiful creations, I encourage you to join us this Lenten period to try out some creative spiritual practices.

This week we are doing some creative writing! I will do a recorded introduction of spiritual autobiography, then I will offer you some prompts to fill the rest of our 30 minutes together. Just hop on zoom at this link ( at 10:30 a.m. MST and hopefully get those divine creative juices flowing!

Coming up in the following weeks:
March 21st – Clay modeling with Jazz accompaniment
March 28th – Lutheran Rosary

Materials will be made available for pick-up for clay modeling and the Lutheran rosary, if you don’t have your own at home. Please email Michaela Eskew at for details.

Peel House Progress – March 13, 2021

Remember this stairwell last week? It has drywall this week! They’ve been working hard on getting most of the drywall done in this area along with the second floor.
The second floor is really coming together!
They are working on the second floor landing!
The crew has been working hard to get these areas ear the staff parking lot filled back in with dirt before the upcoming snow storm.

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