A Letter from Macy

Hello First Lutheran Church! My name is Macy Kennedy, and I am very excited to intern with your congregation starting this fall. I am a Word and Service candidate from the Florida-Bahamas Synod, and I just graduated from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. This internship is my final step in the candidacy process. I was endorsed in the fall of 2021 and will be up for approval in the summer of 2023. I will also be spending time interning at Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp. My hope for the future is to be an ordained ELCA Deacon serving as a Program Director at a Lutheran camp; however, I am open to wherever the Spirit leads me. I am looking forward to bridging the “camp world” and “church world” together and witnessing how the Spirit moves through diverse avenues of ministry.

I love spending my time outdoors. My undergraduate degree is in Environmental Studies, so I am eager to learn about and explore Colorado’s natural environment. I am very close with my family so I know being physically far from them will be a challenge for me. The snow will also be a challenge as I am used to the year-round Florida heat! I would define myself as an extrovert with a joyful demeanor and optimistic outlook on life. I enjoy challenging myself and trying new things. After I graduated from undergrad, I volunteered with Young Adults in Global Mission where I served at a school in Geelong, Australia. This program taught me the beauty of accompaniment and hospitality as I witnessed the peace and welcome of God through cups of coffee, camping trips, and long beach walks with people in my Australian community. I am excited to continue noticing the revealing of Christ through community with my internship at First Lutheran and Rainbow Trail. I look forward to meeting the community at First Lutheran and walking alongside its members as I continue to be shaped as a leader for my call to ministry.

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