Pastor Travis’ statement following the Club Q shooting

Dear friends,

Fear, hate and violence have again reared their ugly heads in our community of Colorado Springs. We mourn with the victims of the shooting at Club Q, and especially grieve with the LGBTQ+ community who appear to be the targets of the violence. They have suffered so much in our country and their safe places shattered by these heinous acts. May God protect, comfort and heal.

Today is Christ the King Sunday, when our Lord our Savior became a victim himself of fear, hate and violence. On the cross Jesus held up a mirror to our world and the cancers that infect us. Jesus showed us that the God of love does not inflict violence but rather enters into our suffering and stands with those who are hurting the most.

Today, God and God’s church stand with the families mourning the dead and those nursing wounds from last night’s shooting. And today we remember that our God wasn’t only a victim on the cross, but suffered fear, hate and violence in order to overcome and defeat these enemies in the resurrection.

So, we pray for transformation of our world and resurrection from all ways of death. We trust that God stands with all who suffer and hurt today.

Lord have mercy…

-Pastor Travis

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