“Finally, all of you, have unity of spirit, sympathy, love for one another, a tender heart, and a humble mind.” 1 Peter 3:8 

Read through those instructions and imagine a community that sought to live those out. I find that here at First Lutheran. Our unity enables us to accomplish great things together, like the ministry at the Peel House. Our sympathy and love for one another undergirds our Christian Caregiving ministry. A tender heart and a humble mind. I want to know more about those two and how we can grow in tenderness in our heart and humility in our mind. All of these instructions from Peter are very pastoral, they make it clear what he hoped for the churches that read his letter. I wonder what you hope for our church as we continue to minister among the people of Colorado Springs. Let’s talk more about this on Sunday! 

Looking for last week’s worship? You can find it here!

-Pastor Travis Norton

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